About Me

The Author Behind Simply Tech Talk

I am an educator and tech lover who lives in Georgia. I currently work as a K-12 instructional technology coach for a large school district. Teaching and learning have always been a major part of my life. It is something that was stressed heavily in my home when I was growing up and it is in my current home. I firmly believe if you are not learning you are not progressing.

My Tech Life

Technology became a passion of mine once I received my first Palm Pilot. I was intrigued by all it could do. I eventually upgraded to a Palm Treo. This was my first smartphone. When other smartphones became available I eventually acquired those as well. This was just the gateway for me to develop my passion for ALL technology. When tech companies release a new product or hold keynote addresses, I try to attend or read about it as soon as I can.

Education & Technology

I slowly began moving into the world of educational technology. I was always amazed at all of the things my students could do. Technology would only enhance and transform the work my students were doing.  I started slowing by having students research topics in the computer lab. I introduced them to word processing and eventually digital drawings. We then moved to creating digital products, coding, and using our webcam to reach out to different classrooms. Now in my role as an instructional tech coach and trainer, I enjoy helping teachers embrace technology in their classroom.


Educational Badges & Certificates

BrainPOP Certified Educator