Affordable VR in the Classroom

Virtual Reality Glasses in an Unlikely Place

I recently bought a pair of VR glasses at Ross. Yes, you heard that right. Ross-Dress for Less is a great place to find discounted electronics as well as dresses. The brand I purchased was Dream Vision and it cost me $14.99. This is around the same price range as Google Cardboard. I love the idea of Google Cardboard, however, I need an option that I can wipe with Lysol wipes if I’m going to share with adults and children.

Dream Vision Virtual Reality Glasses

The DreamVision Virtually Reality Glasses work with iOS and Android devices and comes with a head strap and earbuds. I suggest requesting participants to have their own earbuds and have some type of cap for them to wear while using your device.


It comes in a nice little bag that can be used for storage as well as carrying or transporting the glasses. As I opened the package, it had a nice feel to it. Compared to the Google Cardboard I purchased a few months ago for nearly the same price. This is a major step up!


I was curious about comparable prices, so I went to Amazon. There I found it for the same price. I also discovered that the reviews were not favorable for the most part. Customers claimed that they couldn’t get the glasses to work. With all of this in mind, it was time for me to use the VR glasses with my phone.


Trying the Glasses

I have to say that there were a few bumps in getting started but mostly because I didn’t read the instructions or pay attention to the markings on the device. Most importantly, make sure you are sitting down! First, you cannot use the VR glasses with a case on your phone. Second, put the aux cord for the ear plugs in your phone. Next, place your phone face down white lining it up with the line on the case to ensure alignment. Close the VR glasses, and place it on your head. Adjust the straps. Place the earbuds in your ears. Underneath the glasses, there are little controls in which you can adjust your view. So, if you need to adjust pull the lenses closer together or move them further apart.


My Verdict

I downloaded a few VR apps and I had no problems using them with these VR glasses. I would say this is a good cheap alternative if you are interested in virtual reality.


If you have a pair of these glasses or another cheap pair, please let me know if in the comments below.

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