Favorite Apps of 2016

It’s the end of 2016, and more teachers are diving into educational technology. More schools are purchasing tablets and computers for students to use. While schools are purchasing hardware, many times they are not always providing professional development to go along with it. There are over two million apps in the Android and Apple App Store along with many websites available for educators. For a teacher just starting out with technology, it is nice for teachers to have a starting point. Today, I’m going to share my favorite apps from 2016.

Favorite Apps of 2016 Draw and Tell, Number Pieces, Tellegami, Book Creator, Seesaw, Green Screen by Do ink,

Technology is exciting to try with your students. Each day you hear about a new app and can’t wait to try it with students. It is fun but it can also be overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t know where to start. This list contains apps that I have used with students. Admittedly, I have used these with elementary students but I don’t see a problem with using many of them with middle and high school students as well. 


Tried and True

Remember, due to my love of technology, I’ve tried several new apps and can honestly say the ones that I use the most are the same ones I have been using for the past few years. Most of the apps I heard about, I have deleted after a few uses. The apps below are my favorites and while they may not have been new in 2016 I have used them consistently in 2016:

  1. Number Pieces
  2. Geoboard
  3. Pattern Shapes
  4. BrainPop
  5. Padlet
  6. Draw and Tell
  7. Book Creator
  8. Seesaw
  9. Tellagami
  10. Green Screen by DoInk

Most of these apps are can be used for all subject areas and students will not grow tired of them. There are many different ways and situations where they can be used. In the coming days, I will share how I have used these apps with students.

What were your favorite apps for 2016?

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