Google Earth

Google Earth

Google has just been blowing my mind in the past few months. First, they have opened Google Classroom to anyone with a Gmail account. Next, they allowed anyone with a Gmail account to create a classroom. Now they have made Google Earth browser based and so much more user-friendly and better than ever!


Let’s Get Started With Google Earth!

To access the new Google Earth, all you have to do is go to the Chrome browser and navigate to

Google Earth Splash Page

Next, you launch Google Earth by clicking the blue button in the middle of the page. Wait a few seconds and things may start to look familiar to you if you have used Google Earth before.


Click the menu icon on the left and sign in with your Google account. You will have the ability to save favorite places.

Google Earth Homepage

Now you are ready to begin! You can bookmark places, use Voyager, or if you’re feeling lucky, see where Google will take you next.


I can see huge benefits to this update. First, Chromebook users will be able to use Google Earth. Second, updates will come faster now that it is browser based. Third, You can share the places that you are visiting by getting the link or sharing to social media.


If you used Google Earth as a desktop program, you may notice some of your favorite features are not available in the browser version but they should be coming soon. You can continue to use the older desktop version if you still need those features.


There is also a Pro Version available for you to download your desktop. Google Earth is currently only available on the Chrome Browser for computers. There is also an Android app and they are working on versions for iOS. It may be available for Edge, Safari, and Firefox, at a later date. The mobile version of Chrome is not supported at this time.


Below is my video that goes a little more into detail about Google Earth.


Does the new Google Earth interest you? How can yours Google Earth in your classroom or in your life?

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