Happy New Year!


This time of year many of us are making all sorts of New Year’s resolutions. Many of us want to lose weight, save money, or improve our relationships. Here is another great resolution for you: if you are not already, begin using technology in your classroom.

I know, I know..that’s easier said than done.

But it IS easy.

You do not have to have a computer or tablet for every child in your classroom in order to be successful. Even if you have one laptop, tablet, or phone you can engage your students with technology.

First, let’s start with some of the reasons why.

  1. Technology engages students.

  2. It helps provide personalized learning.

  3. It saves time.

  4. You can introduce your students to things and places in ways that you could never have been able to before.

But HOW? All you have to do is get your feet wet. Start with one lesson or even a part of one lesson. Have students create a picture using an iPad or take a video with their phone. Students can then write about the picture and explain why they think the item is important for their learning. Are you studying another country? Take your students on a virtual field trip. Or better yet, introduce them to another student from that country.

What if you don’t have any technology in your classroom? See if you can become a bring your own technology classroom. This is where students have their own devices and bring them to school. This does not mean that every student has to have their own device. If you are flexible with your thinking, this can be a successful model. Many schools and districts are providing a wireless network for student devices. Even if not your district does not, there are still offline resources you can use.

Wherever you are, just start. Technology will never replace good teachers however, good teachers do use technology. Your students will thank you for it and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t begun using technology before.

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