iOS 11 Public Beta 2 – What’s New and Are You Ready?

iOS 11

Coming to an iPhone Near You

Some of you may know that iOS 11 will be released this Fall. I wrote a little about it in this post. I only wrote about my favorite feature but there are a lot of features and improvements that I find beneficial. Many of the features  Apple did not discuss during  WWDC in June, however, they are being discovered since the beta versions of the software have been released. Apple’s Public Beta program is free and designed for the public to preview upcoming iOS software. The software can be very buggy but you are agreeing to let Apple know about all of the bugs so they can fix it before the release. I participated in the program last year but I have not signed up yet this year. Here are some of the new features and improvements that I am anxiously awaiting.

iOS 11
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New to iOS 11

Control Center – The control center has been completely redesigned. It is back to being on one screen. The tiles for the apps are smaller so they can all fit on one page. Under settings, you can choose the applications that you would like in the control center.

Screenshot – Now when you take a screen shot, the image appears in the lower left corner of the screen. Once you tap it, you can markup your screenshot and send it out immediately,

Messages – Now your messages will be synced with iCloud. If you delete a message on one device it will be deleted on other devices you are signed into. This will reduce the amount of storage that is used on your device. If you are always searching for ways to free up space on your phone, this is a welcomed change.

Apple Music – new music app sharing features. Apple Music (requires a subscription) You can share playlists with friends and see the playlists they have shared. Other apps will also be able to see what you like in Apple Music.

Siri – Siri has been updated with a new more human voice and she can help you translate simple phrases in many languages so when you are out of the country, you can be understood. Siri will also play music if you say, “Play me a song.” She’ll pull up music you like based on your favorites in Apple Music or music she thnk’s you’ll like based on your preferences.

Photos – The photos app now supports Gifs and there are some new filters. Due to a new filing and compression system, your iOS photos will take up to 50 % less room.

iOS 11 Improvements

Screen Recording –  Apple has finally enabled screen recording in iOS. I can’t say enough how long I have been waiting for this feature. This will give the ability for you to record your screen while you are doing something. It will be easy to show people how to do something or to share your progress while you are playing a game. Files App – With the new filing system,

Files App – With the new filing app, you will have the ability to browse and search for apps in iOS, the cloud, and other apps. The best part is this connects with OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive and more. Now you can easily find and work with all of your files.

Scan -You will now be able to scan documents in the notes app. This is very similar to Office Lens. Scan will crop the edges, and make your document straight no matter the angle you scan it from.   documents in the notes app, and inline drawing – no extra view much like Office Lens.

Pay Your Friends -You can now pay your friends through a text message using Apple Pay. This is something that is long overdue. Apple Pay has been a godsend for me. I love the convenience of it and not having to dig through my purse for my wallet to pay for something. Paypal has made it easy to pay friends with their app so it only makes sense for Apple to enable this feature with Apple Pay.

The App Store

What used to be called Features is now called Today. This will focus on reviews and what the editors are using on their iPhones. They will also feature tips and tricks for using popular apps and explore what is happening behind the scenes around the world. Editors will also choose a game or app of the day. Choosing an app will be easier. Apple will include more videos to make it easier to see exactly how a game works. App ranking and reviews are immediately available taking the guess work on know how the app performs.

IOS 11
Image: Apple

iPad Only Features

Dock – The dock on the iPad now behaves more like a computer. It is hidden at the bottom and is accessible with all apps. You just have to swipe up to get to it. The dock still looks the same however, you will notice the names of the apps are not shown.

Split View Proportions – Instead of pulling from the right side and choosing an app, you can now open any two apps from the dock. Just drag open the second app you want to use. iPad 20/80 great for left handed people create an image to explain choices. Also, In Split View, both screens are fully operational.

Keyboard – If you have an iPad Pro, you will no longer will you have to go to a different screen for numbers and special characters. No numbers and alphabet on the same keyboard. They are visible at the top of the alphabetic keys. Simply flick the key to use the character you are looking for.

Drag and Drop – photos, URLs, text reducing copying and pasting can select multiple items. Instead of inserting an item into emails, documents or posts, you can now just drag and drop items to their destination.

iOS 11
Image: Apple

iPhone Specific Features

Live Photos – Live Photos can be frustrating if you don’t set them up exactly the way you want them or don’t realize your camera is still recording.  You will have the ability to trim your Live Photos when iOS 11 is released.  You can also create loops so they play over and over again or create bounces so the live photos are viewed in a back and forth motion.

iOS 11
Image: Apple

One Handed Keyboard – Tap and hold the emoji key on your keyboard and you will enable one-handed keyboard. The keyboard will move to the left or to the right. This is helpful when your hands are full.

Do Not Disturb – With iOS 11, your iPhone will be able to tell when you are driving and keep you safe. You can enable Do Not Disturb and you will not receive notifications, calls, or texts when you are driving. There is an option to opt out if you are a passenger.

Final Thoughts on iOS 11

I am anxiously awaiting iOS 11. As a person who came from Android, I finally feel like Apple is stepping up its game. Some of the features offered are even better than Android. I know that there are apps that could make my iDevice do some of these things already. However, I like it much better when devices can function natively and I prefer to use apps to enhance what is already there.  I have not downloaded the public beta although I participated in the program for iOS 10.

If you are interested in downloading the iOS public beta, click here. Here is an article from Forbes showing you how to install it and what to do if the installation fails.  Warning: The Public Beta is a BETA program where you are agreeing to test iOS software that is not yet ready for the masses. This means that it is likely that this can cause apps to crash and/or slow down the functionality of your device at best and at worst your device will no longer be functional. I do not recommend you to you download the beta program on your primary device.

For a list of the devices that will support iOS 11, click here.

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