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Last week, Microsoft introduced a new app, To-Do and people are losing their minds! You would think that the world is coming to an end with all of the chatter surrounding this app.

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The problem: Microsoft acquired the beloved Wunderlist two years ago and has plans to retire the app once they have completed testing and updating To-Do.


That’s right.


You heard correctly.


Microsoft is not finished with To-Do. I think this is something that critics have forgotten. To-Do is in preview mode.


Right now, To-Do is a bare bones list making app. You can create simple lists and check them off accordingly. You can also create several lists so you can divide and organize your tasks easily. Some lists that I have created are Work, House, Kids, Needs, Wants, Movies to See, Books to Read. You get the picture. Microsoft also gives you My Day Р a list in itself where you can add items directly or even move them from a different list. Setting reminders, due dates, and notes to each item is an easy task.


This app could be something perfect for many people. At this point, it is an entry level app and there are lots of people who would benefit from this. Because it is cross-platform and web based, it has great potential for those who are just beginning organizing their life online or just need a simple app they can access everywhere they have an internet connection. In education, I’m thinking specifically of elementary students or even teachers who can feel overwhelmed by technology. What better way to begin teaching how to organize and prioritize their day than with this app?


The critics of To-Do say that it is lacking many of the things that Wunderlist already has. “Why change something that is perfectly fine the way it is?” they say. I will agree that there are some features that I would love to see. Collaborating and sharing lists is a must that you currently cannot do at this point. ¬†However, I do believe that Microsoft knows this is a key feature that will be coming soon.


If you are currently using Wunderlist or Todoist, you can import your lists by clicking the upper left corner and selecting Import.


Don’t take To-Do completely off your radar yet. Let’s all just calm down and wait to see what Microsoft will do.

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