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Digital Storytelling with SuperHero Comic Maker from Duck Duck Moose and Khan Academy

Superhero Comic Maker

While my last posts have been about my favorite apps – apps that I have used almost religiously for the past few years, I also want to recognize that there is nothing wrong with trying something new. A new app that I plan to use in 2017 is Superhero Comic Maker by Duck Duck Moose. Duck Duck Moose joined Khan Academy in supporting student educational endeavors. Since the merger, all of their apps are free. Their Draw and Tell app is on my favorite apps blog post which you can access by clicking here.


Using the App

Superhero Comic Maker is an app that your students can use for digital storytelling. Students can choose a premade background or they can use one of their own. After choosing their background, students can choose from a variety of characters that range from monsters to superheroes to animals and more. There are props that students can use like cars and shields and swords. After setting up the scene, students can use the microphone to record their story. They can even move the characters and props around the scene as they are recording in order to create a motion picture effect.


This app seems like it can be loads of fun that elementary students would enjoy. Digital storytelling can help your most reluctant writers tell a story using their voice. Students can save their comics to theĀ camera roll. From there, it can be loaded into Seesaw to share and become an artifact in their portfolio. You could also bring it into iMovie so it can become a small clip in a bigger project. I’m excited to see how students will use this in their classrooms.


If you have used this app or plan to leave a comment below. I want to hear how you have used or plan to use the appĀ in your classroom.

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