It’s Back To School Time – 5 Things You Need for Your Tech Classroom Now

Back to School Shopping

Back to School Shopping

It’s back to school shopping time. The time of year when teachers are preparing their classrooms for another school year. In addition to creating lesson plans and decorating classrooms, many teachers are also making purchases for their classroom to ensure that they have an awesome year and their students will have everything they need to be successful. If you are using technology in your classroom, there are certain things you may want to have on hand to give your students the most awesome experience with technology. Here are 5 things that I believe you may want to consider buying for your technology classroom.

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Stylus for Kids by Bic

If you are using any kind of device where students have to input using their fingers on a screen you have probably figured out that a stylus is what you need. A stylus helps students with precision. If they are writing or drawing on their tablets, you may want to encourage them to use this Bic Stylus. This stylus is made specifically with a child’s grip in mind and it is designed by teachers. It will make reading digital handwriting and drawings easier.


There are many apps and websites where you will want your students to view videos to support the lessons that you are teaching. If your students have earbuds they will reduce a lot of frustration in having 30 students listen to 30 different videos. Many teachers place earbuds on their supply lists but it’s inevitable that a student will forget them or the ones they do have in class just stops working. It’s best to have a few extra on hand. The ones listed below from Amazon will help. They are inexpensive, fit in ears well, and sound great!


There are many instances where students will want to record themselves in the classroom. They could want to record a video for a project or recording their thinking on a problem in an app like Seesaw. In any case, having students record into a microphone with a filter will help to reduce some of the background noises that may occur naturally when students speak and in your classroom. This microphone is an option to help you and your students create quality recordings.

iPhone Tripod

Another item you may want to consider is a tripod for your iPhone.  If you are recording your students for various projects this will become indispensable. You will begin to realize just how much effort it takes to hold your recording device steady. Lose the shaky hands and videos that will make you dizzy by using a tripod to record. Here is a tripod that will fit an iPhone. This is something that is a must have for any classroom that records.


Screen Cleaning Wipes

Have you ever seen a device that has been touched by 30 students? Let’s just say it is not a pretty sight. With so many hands touching devices, it’s important that you keep the devices clean. These wipes are perfect for keeping your devices pristine!  Keep devices clean and help reduce the germs on these devices!

Using these products in your class will help make using technology in class a bit easier. You will find that these items will enhance the experience for you and your students.

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Have you tried any of these devices? Are you adding them to your back to school shopping list? Leave a comment below to let me know!

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