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Hi! My name is Sandra and I’m an instructional technology coach for a large school district.  I have always had a love for education, tech, and gadgets. I wanted to share all of my passions with all of you. This blog will not only share ways you can incorporate technology in your classroom but also in your life.

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 A Little Background

I’m a wife and mom of four kids. My family at times thinks my love of technology is a little crazy but they are understanding in the end. At least they get to try a lot of cool things! I can remember seeing the first Palm Pilot commercial. I was desperate to find a reason to get one. Thankfully, a former employer purchased one for me as I was leaving the company. I used it for everything! I soon realized that I didn’t always need a reason. Getting the latest technology became my new goal. Ok, reality, aka my husband, set in. There are times when I must become satisfied with reading and researching about it.


I’ve been an educator for fourteen years and instructional coach for four. Over the past two years, I have been focused on coaching teachers in implementing good instructional technology practices. I am often asked me what the difference is between my Instructional Coach position and my Instructional Technology Coach job and truthfully it isn’t much. Both jobs require me to help teachers integrate technology into instruction. As an instructional coach, I was responsible for making sure instruction was implemented correctly and that instructional standards were followed. As an instructional technology coach, I help teachers implement technology within the standards they teach. With both jobs, instruction is always my main focus. My love of technology does not get in the way of good teaching practices. When planning instruction, instruction comes first and technology should enhance or assist in what you are already doing!


No matter the job title. good instruction is always the goal. There is no amount of technology that can replace good teaching. Incorporating technology when it is appropriate to do so is the key.


Future Posts

This blog will be a way for me to share my favorite apps and gadgets to use in the classroom as well as reflect on my practices and interactions as an instructional coach. I may also talk about technology in general. (Hey, I know I’m not the only one waiting for the iPhone 8 to be announced!) Whatever the topic, technology will be at the center of it. Join me as we discover and use the latest and greatest tech and how it can enhance our lives inside and outside the classroom.

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