WWDC 2017- Apple Updates

WWDC is an annual conference Apple holds for developers every year. The latest one happened this past Monday, June 5.  Lots of consumers watch it as well since this is where you can learn about Apple’s plans for the year. The announcements at WWDC were many. Some interesting and some left me wondering why they were a talking point. Here is a summary of the announcements.


  1. Watch OS4 – new animations, watch faces, and connections to gym equipment
  2. MacOS HighSierra – powerful, supports VR, and more photo editing tools
  3. New MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac Pro – upgrades to processor, price decrease
  4. iOS 11 – messages app drawer, peer to peer payments with ApplePay, DND while driving
  5. New iPad Pro – 10.5 inch and new file system
  6. HomePod Speaker – Siri at your service and in your home

For full details, check out CNET’s coverage of the event.


My Wow Factor

The changes that are coming to iOS 11 were the most notable for me.   My most used device is my iPhone.  Any improvements offered are great!  The enhancements announced were plenty.  Many of them are useful such as peer to peer payments using Apple Pay and Do Not Disturb mode while driving. The most interesting enhancement to me was the availability of screen recording. This was not mentioned during the conference.  I found out about it by watching this YouTube video.

Screen recording is something I have been waiting for this for years. As a matter of fact, the main reason I purchased a MacBook Pro was so I can record my screen. As a tech trainer, I have to make a lot of tutorials and many of the teachers and students I am working with have iPads. Therefore, being able to record directly from iPad screen is very important. I am even thinking about how teachers are going to love this. They would easily be able to record tutorials for their students.


The features coming to iOS and all of the Apple’s software and products will be well received. Let me know in the comments what are you most looking forward to from Apple this year.

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